Which Way The Fish on NITV.

Which Way The Fish (WWTF) was born after my time as a producer at the Seven network for the Queensland Weekender and Creek to Coast programmes. I thought as a storyteller I could speak to mob and deliver content through the social media portals available to highlight our culture. I pitched WWTF to funding bodies, networks and fishing and camping companies…(you know the one I’m talking about) only to be rejected for 5 years. A close friend (let’s call him Tim not his real name) said this is a great project and he was the reason I continued and I never gave up on this concept. Enter the Epic Good Foundation I pitched this concept over coffee and walked away with funding, I cried. To hear someone believing in your idea and to support it was a producer’s dream. The was a proviso - It must have a health element in the series. This changed the concept and the deliverables, but highlighted the health issues in the communities we filmed in. It actually highlighted the good work done by mob in the remote communities and the bad funding and decisions neglecting our people. WWTF will breathe new life and I’m happy to say I have received great feedback as it continues to play on NITV and a new concept that will again highlight what’s happening to our mob. Thanks again to Epic Good and the team for believing in my dream.

Donald Johannessen